Phlebotomy Supplies

Phlebotomy Supplies

Phlebotomy Supplies

In doing phlebotomy process may take a few tools that are used to help process the blood sample, from a few examples of phlebotomy supplies, such as syringes, needles, of course, necessary when taking blood, not like the history of phlebotomy in ancient times by cutting the veins and then put on a container, in addition to injecting some of the tools necessary to the process of phlebotomy is alcohol, blood bags, phlebotomy chairs, etc. Phlebotomy supplies are used as storage devices used in the phlebotomy process, a phlebotomist always carry phlebotomy supplies when traveling.

What is required equipment for phlebotomist?

As we know phlebotomist is the nickname for people who are already professionals in the field of phlebotomy and had undergone phlebotomy certification training and have phlebotomy, All phlebotomist activities will be a lot to do with blood. The equipment needed is a phlebotomist:

- Syringe: It Used to draw blood from the patient through a vein.
- Material Sterilization: Used for sterilization when they wanted to do phlebotomy.
- Blood Bags: Used for storage of blood (usually required in the donor blood).
- Phlebotomy Supplies: Used for storage of equipment phlebotomy.
- Phlebotomy Chairs: Chairs are specially designed to perform phlebotomy.
- Cotton: Used for cleaning / Put on the injection site.
- Gloves: It Used in order to remain sterile when a phlebotomist do phlebotomy process.
- Container Disposal: It Used to dispose of syringes / cotton that has been used.

A phlebotomist is trained to reliability in the patient’s blood sampling, blood sampling techniques also vary depending on the patient, both from parents, young people or newborn baby, of course using different techniques. Also also trained phlebotomist to dispose of syringes that have been used, Saving the tools properly in phlebotomy supplies.

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