History of Phlebotomy

History of Phlebotomy

History of Phlebotomy

Phlebotomy or get the blood sample directly into the patient through a vein has been known since the past, history of phlebotomy in ancient times is to slice a vein or venous bypass it and let the blood flow in the container, whereas now only poked a needle into a vein, or use a syringe to draw blood of patients who will be used for the treatment or diagnosis of disease.

History of phlebotomy in Greece in the past, they assume that the disease originated from the blood. The blood is dirty. They are guided by the theory that disease was caused by overabundances or plethoras in the blood. Initially, the activities carried out to treat it is by sweating or exercise, food intake but Herophilus mengurami a doctor in Greece suggested that for bleeding, Herophilus said that by having blood in the body, the disease is in the blood is discarded. Archagathus was the first who practiced in Rome about phlebotomy, Archagathus also a doctor in Greece. The process of phlebotomy practiced and got a bad reputation from the people.

As the development of the age, history of phlebotomy changed from a bad reputation gradually improved, due to advances in medical science, how the implementation of phlebotomy is good and right, until now only done by phlebotomy activities of people who are experienced and already get phlebotomy training and get phlebotomy certification, and that’s called phlebotomist.
Phlebotomy now is not the first history of phlebotomy that has a bad reputation, or forbidden. Phlebotomy is an activity that is needed throughout the hospital.

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